Oculus Rift Finally gets launched but the price tag is a major turn off!

Oculus, the Facebook acquired company has after many developer kits and a long development time period, has finally unveiled and made available for purchase their finalised product, the Oculus Rift yesterday! The Rift has been much awaited by hardcore fans of Virtual Reality (VR) as it became a viral sensation since its crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter.

The Rift is now available for pre orders, shipping to a total of 20 available countries as of launch date with more to follow.

rift availability

The Rift however will begin shipping starting 28th of March.


rift shipping


There is one topic however which brought a lot of controversy and that is pricing! At 600 dollars US, Palmer Lucky is way out of the price range he promised back in 2014 of 200 – 400 dollars before the company was acquired by Facebook.

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